• Bet Dog Token (BDT) is a distributed data
    storage and entertainment network.
    BET Dog provide the safest and most convenient
    way to create, purchase, sell, and trade NFTs for everyone
    in the world. One platform service for all use cases.
    The Metaverse gives everyone
    a convenient and enjoyable experience.

  • Bet dog GAME

    Bet dog GAME

    My virtual pet Bet dog is the
    world's most charming
    pet game.

    You raise and sell a virtual pet to raise your one and only pet in the world with NFT
  • Non-Fungible Token

    Non-Fungible Token

    BetDOG has been meticulously designed and perfectly crafted by world famous and respected 3D artists and their teams. By owning NFT, you can benefit from the equity and BetDOG system.


    The play metaverse is a metavsers portal service that allows users to experience more new content and experiences by connecting other metaverse.

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